ensuring and encouraging visible recycling

What we do

We invest all our funds in ensuring and encouraging visible recycling through:

  • Generate fresh and continuous data on the overall magnitude, distribution, recycling  and management of  PET(Plastic  bottles); 
  • Contracting and financing PET recyclers who collect bottles, process them into rPET in preparation for the manufacture of new products
  • Consumer education and awareness
  • Training and joint venture projects (including those with government offices)
  • Equipment support and sponsorship for collectors
  • Guidance relating to designing for recycling ensuring products are compatible with local recycling infrastructure.
  • Developing the end-use market:

PETCO  Ethiopia will intensively facilitate the development of the end-use market. A balance must be maintained between the collection of post-consumer PET bottles on the one hand, and the demand for recycled end-use products on the other. This balance between supply and demand and installed recycling capacity is critical to keeping the bottle collection and recycling chain intact and to ensuring that the financial benefits continue to reach collectors on the ground. 


PETCO Ethiopia Recycling Community Organization

Bole Subcity, Woreda 6

Adwa Road, Senper Building 3rd floor

Tel: 251-116 660162/251 930459945

Email: info@petcoethiopia.org

Web: www.petcoethiopia.org


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