Education and awareness

Education and awareness

We foucus on consumer education, training and awareness.
Training and joint venture projects

Training and joint venture projects

Training and joint venture projects (including those with government offices)
Developing the end-use market

Developing the end-use market

End user markets are a key driver of value chain growth and development in chain actors who in turn build capacity to meet demand.

Welcome to Petco Ethiopia

The PETCO Ethiopia team is made up of dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate individuals. Five basic values drive everything that we do:

• Respect:
We work on the basis of respect, appreciation and commitment at all times, as do our members and our stakeholders.

• Empowerment
We seek every opportunity to create work, entrepreneurship opportunities and hope for previously disadvantaged people, including women and youth , for whom recovery of waste could be a lifeline.

• Integrity
Along with our membership, we believe that all our activities must be carried out with honesty, sincerity, care and reliability.

• Professionalism
We are committed to providing our services in an efficient manner, anticipating the future needs of our members wherever possible.

• Sustainability:
Because we subscribe to triple bottom-line business principles, we always seek to implement business practices, which are environmentally and socially sustainable.

Why Petco Ethiopia?

PETCO Ethiopia seeks to minimize the environmental impact of post-consumer PET on the Ethiopian landscape through:

Petco Ethiopia Founding Members

PETCO Ethiopia Recycling Community Organization

Bole Subcity, Woreda 6

Adwa Road, Senper Building 3rd floor

Tel: 251-116 660162/251 930459945

Email: info@petcoethiopia.org

Web: www.petcoethiopia.org


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